December 14, 2021

Brand identity and Consistency - the case of SUITSUIT

Brand identity and Consistency - the case of SUITSUIT

The importance of consistency

Brand identity is a brand's way of communicating its image to its customers and always keeping it in line with its values​, identity, and style.

In recent times, with the evolution of e-commerce and the increase in the use of various sales channels and marketplaces, with the possibility of buying products of any type and in every part of the world, people have discovered new stores and new brands. As a result, we have seen the difficulty of brands to emerge and distinguish themselves from the competition. This is due to the fact that the importance of a brand's consistency is often put aside due to the constant search to increase sales and the fear of being left behind.

It is essential to understand that a customer wants consistency. Consistency leads to trust, and trust leads to loyalty. Lack of consistency is often the obstacle that makes building trust and a company's success difficult.

"A consistent brand presentation is key when building a strong brand for the long term. Who we are, what do we do, and how can we further inspire and support our target group in their needs "
Jan-Willem de Muinck Keizer, director and co-responsible for
SUITSUIT's success.

SUITSUIT is a brand with a well-established and strong identity; it wants to communicate a clear message to its defined target group. Through the design, logo, colours, and way of communicating, the customer immediately distinguishes one of their products among others.
They can share their story and show their products and collections through their beautiful webshop, enriched by complete and accurate information and advice on using each product. 

The difficulties of maintaining consistency through various channels 

With ever greater international ambitions, SUISUIT has also embarked on the multi-channel path and started selling on different marketplaces. This is where they encountered some problems that could threaten their brand identity and consistency.

"What we often ran into", explains de Muinck Keizer, "is that different partners and marketplaces used their own product images, descriptions and information. This was at the expense of a consistent brand presentation. The product presentation through other channels negated what we tried to convey through our own platform.

A centralized solution

As the company grew and their inventory and product variations steadily increased, they realized that keeping up with all that data took too much effort and valuable time. Moreover, other retailers' mismanagement of product information was threatening their brand identity values.
The taken solution soon proved to be effective, with clear results:

"We now have one central place where all our product information is collected and defined as a "single source of truth". The product information in Katana is therefore leading at all times. "

By doing so, the company is now able to have complete control of its product information. With the help of the PIM solution, they are now confident that all data is complete before the product goes on sale.

In the images below, we can see a concrete example of what one of their famous products looks like on the different marketplaces:

We can immediately see that the images that are all the same create a strong impact, which communicates the coherence and identity of the brand. Furthermore, the product information is the same in all 4 cases, complete with attributes and descriptions that are written the same way.
By making their product instantly recognizable on all these marketplaces, they gain their customers' trust, showing a constant presence, but above all, always in line with their brand.

Building trust through brand consistency is a great way to stand out among competitors, to be recognized by your customers and therefore to survive and stand out in the big world of marketplaces.

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