June 16, 2021

De Eekhoorn Dutch Furniture

De Eekhoorn Dutch Furniture

De Eekhoorn Dutch Furniture is a company based in the Netherlands with an international focus. They chose Katana PIM to manage their products' information. Therefore, we are proud and happy to call them our new client! With 40 years of experience behind them, they deal with the design, production and distribution of their products, in more than 50 countries worldwide, paying attention to sustainable production. They have a clear concept: to design furniture that is resistant, contemporary, easy to assemble and attractive.
De Eekhoorn offers various unique, luxurious, modern and functional furniture, branded BePureHome, WOOOD and Vtwonen, well-known furniture brands. Their fantastic products are a great success, and their portfolio proves it; for example, they have supplied products for the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 and famous hotels. In addition, the new headquarters with distribution centre and a showroom of 190,000 m3 of space show their ability and intense dedication.

Every project requires a different interpretation. We give advice based on our experience and knowledge of the products.

Mark Commandeur, Entertainer and Performer at De Eekhoorn

Using our solution, the team will convey experience, knowledge and passion through accurate and flawless product information.

Welcome, De Eekhoorn! 

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