February 9, 2021

Galoha, a unique management challenge for Katana PIM

The trustworthy retail brand

After more than three years of working together, we are proud to introduce another customer satisfied with the work of Katana PIM, Galoha, the trustworthy retail brand.

Galoha is a seller of unused return products, all items sold under their brand are professionally inspected, extensively tested, repaired, or repacked to make them look new. They sell them via established online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay.

A new strategy

With the advent and rapid development of eCommerce returns have increased; therefore, managing many returns can sometimes be a tough challenge to manage. Galoha does it excellently and Katana PIM, the easy to use and scalable solution, is perfect for helping them in this.

An essential step in this successful company's eCommerce strategy has been to get and manage their product information in one central place.

A new challenge: over 10M products!

"We are so proud to have such a big international player in the reversed logistics eCommerce as one of our clients. Galoha may not be the familiar name, but they are managing reversed logistics and reselling for the biggest brands. From being one of the first clients of Katana PIM, they helped us to reach new heights by pushing our limits on performance and usability. We are ready for over 10M products!!!"

Raoul Straathof, Katana PIM Software Manager

Being able to manage over 10M products without losing performance on updating products, but also importing XML and CSV makes Galoha more efficient and scalable. Katana PIM creates an easier way of work, less burdensome and helps to avoid manual errors.

"The continuous further development gives us a good feeling. From day one, the Katana team is committed to making the way we do business easier. The software is delivered from start to finish within six weeks and the response time - especially in emergencies - is excellent, while the support team handles a wide range of cases with great care. The continuous additions and improvements to the features give us a strong feeling that we have invested in a future-proof solution and partnership. We believe that Katana PIM is a very advanced software solution."

Mario Burazin, Galoha Business Development Manager

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