June 9, 2021

Homeij is our newest client.

Homeij is our newest client.

The newest client of Katana PIM is Homeij, a B2B company that sells knives and accessories in the Benelux and beyond. The roots of the brand date back to 1970, and in addition to selling branded products under the name of Homeij, it also sells brands such as Victorinox, Leatherman, Opinel, Silva, Maglite, Chef's Choice, Esbit, Zippo, Diamant Sabatier. In short, a considerable quantity of products ranging from kitchen knives to camping knives of all kinds, and from professional accessories for the kitchen to those for excursions. After the company take-over in 2016, the new owners have started with a company's refreshment and built a solid external and internal cooperation:

Our way of working is characterized by three important spearheads: decisive, transparent and flexible. And all with the focus to remain as sharp as a knife at all times.
Jarno van der Donk, Co-owner at Homeij

With these ideals, they couldn't choose better than Katana PIM, the sharp and strong PIM solution. We are proud to have the opportunity to help Homeij in managing the information of these wonderful products.
Welcome, Homeij!

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