June 1, 2021

New partnership with MerchantSpring

New partnership with MerchantSpring

We are excited to start a new partnership with MerchantSpring, an award-winning provider of the leading global cross-channel analytics platform Marketplace Manager. They help thousands of sellers around the world to drive sales and improve their store performance. Their multichannel analytics dashboard allows sellers to see and manage all their marketplace channels in one place. MerchantSpring's experienced team is specialized in e-commerce and analytics technology, providing sellers with a variety of features such as profit calculation, review solicitation, advertising analytics, cross-channel reporting & more!

We are very excited about working with Katana PIM as it brings together the world of content management and sales performance analytics, which are two of the most critical parts of running successful e-commerce channels. We believe that customers from both companies now have a fantastic opportunity to have access to world-class tooling at their fingertips.

James Dihardjo, co-founder at MerchantSpring

The partnership between Katana PIM and MerchantSpring looks promising and successful, focusing on providing their customers with a multichannel & multistore solution.
Welcome, MerchantSpring!

Their website: MerchantSring

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