February 16, 2021

SUITSUIT selects Katana PIM

SUITSUIT is the international brand of travel accessories. They sell items ranging from bags to suitcases, from beauty cases to organizers. In short, if you want to travel for a day or two weeks, they will surely help you! Moreover, on their website, they give curious and useful suggestions for destinations and travel inspirations. The company is committed to creating bags that are practical and comfortable for travelling, but also fashionable because they have understood that the suitcase market is changing and it is essential to use increasingly innovative designs, materials and colours. As fashion is always evolving and the desire to travel and have useful accessories never ends, SUITSUIT has many products in its inventory.
Precisely for this, they need a new strategy for product data management, and Katana PIM is ready to help, providing them with a powerful, scalable and userfriendly solution.

Katana PIM assures an automated workflow that will bring the company's efficiency to the top. Thanks to our solution's ability to manage up to 10 million products, SUITSUIT will have no problems managing its data the best way.

We are proud to add such a big company in our portfolio, welcome SUITSUIT! We are looking forward to working together for a long time.

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