August 24, 2021

Surviving the "Back to school" demand

Surviving the "Back to school" demand

Being already in the last weeks of the summer season, the start of a new school year is approaching. After a year of pandemic and remote learning, research shows that this “back to school” is more heartfelt than usual, with a forecast of purchases of 16 % more than last year and 17 % more than in 2019 (Deloitte survey). Many stores and brands have already started with back-to-school offers, discounts, deals and gift cards, including clothing, notebooks, backpacks, stationery accessories, electronics and more. This increase in demand leads us to be optimistic. It seems like a big step towards returning to "normal life", but it leads companies to face new challenges, such as acquiring new customers, retaining regular ones, securing sales and keeping up with competition and marketing strategies.

How to stand out from the competition?

Usually, most people buy goods from a store or a trusted brand that has pleased them in the past. Or from the product with the best quality/price ratio. But what does the customer rely on to understand it? Most likely, on customer reviews or on the experiences and opinions shared by previous buyers. Above all, customer review is the key to boost sales and having trusted customers for an online business. Looking back, we can confidently say that the best reviews come from transparency, clarity and accuracy of the presentation of a product in a situation where the customer does not have the opportunity to see it live. Accurate images and perfect descriptions can really help, but it is not always easy to provide them. A PIM tool is the most logical solution to consider in such situations. All you have to do is create great product descriptions, and these are automatically shared across all sales channels. Katana PIM helps to better manage, enrich, store, classify and syndicate data, leading to business growth, better sales and great customer experience. And speaking of discounts and offers, with Katana PIM, it is also possible to manage product prices and establish special offers in advance with start and end dates.
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