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A passionate team, 20+ years of experience, and a beautiful office in the heart of The Netherlands: this is KatanaPIM.

Shair Mir
Product Owner| KatanaPIM

We have come a long way since we first started on KatanaPIM. With a small and hardworking team, we have done our best and succeeded in putting our name out there in the market.

Our mission

Improving the way of working of our clients by showing interest in how they want to grow their business.

Our Vision

Offering a well-designed, high-performance PIM solution for the best possible price so that as many companies as possible can use it.

Yes, this is our office view!

Experience, passion and a love for challenges: how it all started

After 20 years of experience in the e-commerce industry, we have discovered the undeniable importance of centralising product data for the success of an online business. This is why, in 2017, we created KatanaPIM. Since then, we are successfully committed to helping our users manage their product information the right way.

Raoul Straathof
Product Manager| KatanaPIM

Around 5 years ago we started noticing a lack of flexible solutions, considering the big amount of product information needed from companies for their multiple sales channels.

A family of driven managers, creative minds & clever developers

Get to know the people who let the magic happen, a team of experts who love making great things and having fun!

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Luc Smeets
Managing director | KatanaPIM

When I came across KatanaPIM, I was immediately enthusiastic. The objective is to make plans and take KatanaPIM to the next level together with the team.

Remco Dobronyi
Product Designer | KatanaPIM

Every interface change and product feature that will be released will be user-centred designed. This means that we thrive to build the best possible solution for our users.

We live our core values every day and we always aim to the top!

We are passionate about what we do: creating a great solution that meets market needs and helps our clients grow. These are our core values, applicable to our company, our team and our product.


Togetherness is a happy & family-like environment, where everyone’s ideas and everybody, from team members to clients, is always welcome and supported.


Quality is adding value to stakeholders (the team, the clients and the market), by keeping our knowledge up to date, by inspiring others and by being inspired.


Transparency is remaining open, approachable and accessible to everybody, by being honest and living up to the promises that we make.


Responsibility is being reliable and committed, and proactively taking ownership of what we do and what we learn.


Passion is the drive for progression and continuous improvement, resulting in a sense of pride in the team and in the product.

Erika Muttigliengo
Marketing Executive | KatanaPIM

We have achieved a great position in the market in the last few years, thanks to our marketing efforts and clients and partnership network. We are now focusing on taking the next steps toward our international ambitions!

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