Get full control of your product information

Keeping up with all your product data and sales channels requires time. Reduce your workload and start managing your product information the right way.

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The single source of truth for your product information

Centralize all your product data and give your entire team a seamless way of working


Import and centralize all
your product information coming from different sources.


Provide your products with channel-required attributes and rich and complete information.


Assign user roles and let your team collaborate in checking
data completion and quality.


Sell your products with correct and consistent information across all your sales channels.

Coordinate product content creation

Product lifecycle is complex, and having a system that guides each step to completion is essential

A collaborative tool that empowers teamwork

Transform the way you manage product information: make it a team effort and let users seamlessly work together

Quickly identify gaps in your product data

Gain a comprehensive view of your products and pending tasks. By clearly understanding their roles, users can refine product details to ensure they meet customer expectations.

We help you reach your online success

KatanaPIM benefits all kinds of companies that want to manage their product information efficiently, no matter their size.


Improve your brand identity and increase customers’ trust by sharing consistent information on all your sales channels.

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Deliver high-quality product data across all channels
Reduce customer complaints and returns
Sell on marketplaces globally


Easily collect all your suppliers' data in a centralized solution used as the single source of truth for all your product content.

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Go to market faster than your competitors
Let your teams collaborate seamlessly
Sell on multiple channels easily


Efficiently manage and enrich your product data, share consistent content on multiple sales channels and save valuable time.

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Manage product data easily for multiple sales channels
Enrich and share complete and consistent information
Manage information coming from different sources


Centralize and get full control of your product information. Start your digital journey with a strong and scalable infrastructure. 


Give your clients complete and rich product information on all channels and increase customer loyalty and retention.


Provide your products with channel-required attributes and images and share the correct data to your multiple shops and marketplaces.


Quickly connect your systems to KatanaPIM and easily scale your infrastructure without missing out on information.


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Mario Burazin
Business Development Manager, Galoha

The continuous further development gives us a good feeling. From day one, the Katana team is committed to making the way we do business easier.

Jan-Willem de Muinck Keizer
Director & co-responsible for SUITSUIT's success

We now have one central place where all our product information is collected and defined as a "single source of truth". The product information in Katana is therefore leading at all times.

Aster Schreuder Hes
Online Marketeer, Beagley Copperman

It's not only convenient for our customers but for us too, as we receive relevant data and interesting insights from team Katana that can help us grow our business.

Get your product information together and scale your business

Get KatanaPIM to manage and distribute your product data without the hassle.

Get your product information together and scale your business.

Get Katana PIM to manage and distribute your product data without the hassle.

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