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Grow your business with easy product information management and distribution. Put your data in one place and give your customers amazing product experiences.

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Speed up your time-to-market
Reduce product return rates
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You've got almost everything you need to grow your e-commerce business.

Except efficient and organized product information

You have unique products with high market demand and customers who love your brand. But your product information management is stopping you from achieving your full potential.

Your product information is scattered across hundreds of spreadsheets
You're wasting time & resources every time you launch a new sales channel
You are losing out on sales because of low-quality product information.

Katana PIM is a centralised solution that helps you store, classify and syndicate your product data

Scale your E-commerce business and boost your conversions with Katana PIM!

Put all your product data in one place and find what you need instantly

Put an end to the confusion. Katana is the single source of truth for all your product information. Easily upload your Excel, XML and CSV files into Katana PIM and map your data.

Enrich your data, sort your products by categories, manufacturers or attributes and bulk edit products — whether you have a 100 products or 10 million.

Scale your business and sell on multiple platforms and channels

Integrate your business with all key marketplaces and product feeds and grow your brand, irrespective of the channel. Keep product information and stock synchronized across all marketplaces—and receive orders in your own system.

Create custom feeds and have complete control over the products sold and the prices on each platform.

Reduce your time-to-market and get your brand to the top

Launch amazing new products across all channels and respond to market demands faster.

Carry out promotions without spending hours on organizing products and creating special categories. Streamline your onboarding processes for retailers and suppliers and cut out manual processes from your internal workflows.

Enhance your customers’ shopping experience with richer, fuller product information

Let customers browse specific categories by grouping products together and find the products they are looking with product tags.

Increase conversions and reduce returns with accurate, comprehensive product descriptions that are SEO-friendly.

Is Katana right for you?

Are you a brand looking to expand to multiple marketplaces and scale up?

Sell your products on different sales channels without doing double the work. Katana will automate your product population, while you create custom feeds for different channels in minutes.

Katana helps growing businesses sort their data and keep their workflows simple, even with increasing products.

Are you a seller who wants to cut down on the thousands of documents that make up your internal catalogue?

Tired of handling Excel sheets and ERPs from every single third-party connection to your business?

Katana works as a single-source of truth for all product information through the length and breadth of your business.

Put all your data in one place using easy imports and find exactly what you’re looking for in seconds. Make information creation, categorisation and distribution easy.

Are you a marketer who wants to deliver a seamless product experience across all channels?

You know the importance of a consistent, professional brand. You understand that product experiences can make or break your business.

You can see that your scattered data, sourced from different places, is not going to cut it.

You want to hit the big leagues. And for that, you need a system. A system that pulls all your product information together and helps you get it right.

Katana is that system. We help you clean out your data easily in one place. No more wonky product descriptions and missing specifications. Only a powerful, top-of-its-class brand.

Are you an executive who understands the value of faster product launches and accurate product data?

You’re working hard on creating marketing strategies. You have seasonal product launches in mind. You’re ready with product promotions.

But your internal product management is wrecking it all.

Your teams can never get the products sorted on time. There’s always missing information or a product in a category it isn’t supposed to be.

Katana helps you get your product information in order so that your business can move faster. Get organised now.

What data does Katana PIM handle?

Technical data such as specifications, sizing information, ingredients and so on.
Product descriptions and stories.
Media files such as images, videos, PDFs.
Usage data such as how-tos, warranties and warnings.

Centralize your product data with easy, automated importing

Import your product data from ERP, Excel Sheets, CSV and XML files—anywhere and everywhere and automate your data entry. Get it together and map your data to Katana PIM.

Stay on top of your game, whether you have 10 products or 10 million

Katana is the most flexible PIM solution in the market. Whether you have limited products with lots of product data or millions of products with limited data, we help you keep sane.

Assign users and rights and ensure high-quality product info

Allow multiple employees to work on your product data and collaborate with ease. Let your product data flow through a worklist of your users to make sure there are no errors, with limited viewing rights!

Know how you're doing with automated reports

Katana's report dashboard gives you insights on which products are performing well on which channels, products that have never sold, best sellers and much more. Get a quick, visual glimpse into your business with Katana.

You've tried ERP systems. You've tried sheets. You've tried databases that your developers built from scratch. It's time you get the right solution

ERP systems help you run your business—they keep track of your orders, your stock, your transactions. But they cannot house rich product descriptions, PDFs, images, technical specifications or videos.

Databases can store information, but they keep you dependent on your developers. They cannot connect to multiple marketplaces, categorise products in a click, bulk edit products and don't have intensive search capabilities.

Spreadsheets work with limited products, but with growing catalogues, they quickly become disorganised, error-prone and siloed. You have to manually enter data and scaling to different channels is impossible.

They cannot do what Katana PIM can

Katana PIM is built to help you store, enrich and distribute product information, and has every feature you need.

Get up and running with Katana PIM in a week.

Don't spend ages transferring your data into a PIM solution. Katana automates your imports, so you can get everything in one place without waiting weeks.

Keep your data 100% secure and safe.

We host all our data and platforms from our very own server park, based in the Netherlands—so your business is completely safe. Stay GDPR compliant and never risk a leak!

Manage all your product data in one place—at an affordable price.

Don't spend quarter of your monthly budget on managing product data. We've built Katana for growing businesses and think you deserve the best of PIMs at an affordable, easy-going rate.

Speak to your customers across the globe with auto-translations!

Katana allows you to automatically translate your product information into the regional language so that you can connect with your customers easily. Localise your brand and give your customers an amazing store experience

Integrate with 3rd party apps to connect you data to different marketplaces and channels.

Easily integrate with ERP, marketplaces and channels with Katana. Expand your business and reach your customers where they are.

Get your product information together and scale your business

Get Katana PIM to manage and distribute your product data without the hassle.

Get your product information together and scale your business.

Get Katana PIM to manage and distribute your product data without the hassle.

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