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How does onboarding work?

How do I onboard product information into KatanaPIM?

To ensure a smooth transition and successful implementation, we offer a comprehensive onboarding process, designed to get you fully operational typically within 3 months. We collaborate closely with our specialized service partners, experts in PIM onboarding, to ensure that the process is adapted to suit the specific requirements of your business.

Languages offered: Our onboarding services are available in English, Dutch, and Spanish.

Our onboarding steps:


The process begins with an introductory session to familiarize your team with KatanaPIM. This includes outlining the onboarding process and setting expectations. Following this, there's a Q&A session where your team can ask any initial questions to ensure clarity moving forward.

Initial setup

We deliver all necessary templates to your team for importing and setting up product data. This includes templates for data import and specification setups. Your team will then fill in these templates with their data. After submission, we review this data to ensure everything is complete and correct.

Import & configuration

We prepare your team for the data import process by explaining the correct use of templates. If needed, this stage also includes setting up variants, which involves discussing how to structure product relationships. Once your team has delivered a copy of the product data from all your connected systems, we conclude this phase by reviewing your data.

Users & workflow

During this phase, we provide your team with templates and guidelines for creating user roles within KatanaPIM. Your team will then define and set up these roles to manage workflows effectively. We support this setup by providing documentation and training needed for workflow creation, ensuring your team can manage their workflows independently.


Comprehensive training sessions are conducted by us to equip all users with the necessary knowledge to use KatanaPIM effectively. For users requiring advanced capabilities, specialized Feedmapper training is also provided to ensure they can manage complex data integrations smoothly.

Handover to support

In the final phase, we introduce your team to our support structure. This phase ensures that any remaining questions are addressed, and your team is confident in their ability to use KatanaPIM. We review all completed tasks to ensure nothing is overlooked and confirm that your team is ready for a successful transition to daily operations using KatanaPIM.

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