How does onboarding work?

How do I onboard product information into KatanaPIM?

If you choose to add the onboarding to your KatanaPIM package, you can usually be up and running within 7 weeks, thanks to our organized onboarding process.
Our onboarding consists of different phases:

1. Kick-off (handover from the sales team to our onboarding team, discuss expectations, give out documentation and start onboarding process)
2. Initial Import (data is reviewed and templates to import the data are provided)
3. Dataflow Integrations (in parallel with step 2, third party integrations are discussed and the PIM is configured as needed)
4. Workflow & Training (configuring a workflow for the users and providing a training to get all users up to speed with the PIM)
5. Handover to support (after the PIM is live, the onboarding specialist hands over the client to the support team)
6. Evaluation call (account manager reaches out to discuss how everything is going and to collect any feedback)

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