Our Service Partners: experts in product information management

Tailored solutions to help you achieve your business goals and ensure a seamless onboarding.

Jan-Willem de Munick Keizer
Director at  SUITSUIT

We now have one central place where all our product information is collected and defined as a "single source of truth". The product information in Katana is therefore leading at all times.

What do our service partners mean for you?

By providing expert guidance, support, and knowledge, they help you achieve your goals and succeed with better product data management.


In-depth expertise in product information management and KatanaPIM capabilities for your success.


Guidance in a smooth transition with onboarding, training, & technical support to ensure your success.


Deep understanding of your unique needs and tailored solutions aligned with your business goals.

From start to launch

Start smoothly with our service partners

Our service partners offer customized solutions that align with your business goals. They to ensure you a fully leverage the capabilities of the KatanaPIM platform.


The partner will introduce you the implementation process, understand your specific requirements, and align the project goals.


Data review

Our onboarding partner will assist you by  reviewing your product information to ensure accuracy and completeness, saving you valuable time and effort.


Data import

With the expertise of our onboarding partner, they will seamlessly import your data into KatanaPIM, eliminating the need for you to manually transfer and organize information.


Dataflow Integration

The partner helps you ensure efficient data management and seamless integration throughout your IT ecosystem, to optimize your dataflow effortlessly.


Workflow & Training

For a great users collaboration, they give your team guidance and training, empowering them with the knowledge and skills to utilize the workflow features of KatanaPIM.


Handover to support

Our onboarding partner will address you to our reliable support team, ensuring ongoing assistance and peace of mind for any future technical needs.

Evaluation call

Our onboarding partner will schedule an evaluation call with you to assess your experience with KatanaPIM, gather feedback, and address any additional questions you may have.

No worries, we’ll help you find the perfect fit

Our team will guide you through a discovery phase, understanding all your requirements. With our vast network and expertise, we'll connect you with the ideal onboarding partner.

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Meet our partners

Together with our expert partners, we help your business thrive, grow, and evolve with top-notch solutions and services.

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Thomas Wolfert
Co-director for Polewolf

Before we had KatanaPIM,  we couldn't go live on certain marketplaces because we couldn't deliver proper content.

Mario Burazin
Business Development Manager, Galoha

The continuous further development gives us a good feeling. From day one, the Katana team is committed to making the way we do business easier.

Aster Schreuder Hes
Online Marketeer, Beagley Copperman

It's not only convenient for our customers but for us too, as we receive relevant data and interesting insights from team Katana that can help us grow our business.

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