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Here you can find KatanaPIM’s assets. We love and believe in a consistent brand presentation across channels, so feel free to download & use everything you need for your website & articles.



Logo in different variations and color combinations

Logo thumbnail

Different kinds of logo thumbnails


KatanaPIM Brochure NL

Nederlandse versie van de KatanaPIM-brochure (PDF)

KatanaPIM Brochure EN

English version of the KatanaPIM brochure (PDF)


Over KatanaPIM

In deze PDF vindt u bedrijfsinformatie, productinformatie en voordelen van KatanaPIM kort uitgelegd.

About KatanaPIM

In this PDF you can find company information, product information and benefits of KatanaPIM shortly explained.

Core values

These are our core values, applicable to our company, our team and our product

Mission & Vision

This is why we do what we do at KatanaPIM!

Videos & Screenshots

Education & learning playlist

Learn all about KatanaPIM's features and how-tos.

KatanaPIM: a 7 minutes demo

A video about the main features of KatanaPIM and how it works.


A variation of product screenshots


Maximizing marketplace success

An informative whitepaper in collaboration with ChannelEngine

The 5 biggest e-commerce challenges solved by PIM

An informative whitepaper

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