KatanaPIM for Brands

Strengthen & improve your brand identity across all sales channels

Streamline your product information management & save time to focus on building & consolidating your brand identity. Optimise your D2C strategy by presenting your brand’s core values with consistency on all the channels your clients are shopping on.

Your brand needs consistent content on all channels

Selling your products across multiple channels helps you improve your brand awareness, but every channel you are selling on requires specific product information, costing you time and effort.

Collect & syndicate your multiple product data coming from different sources
Distribute channel-required product informationacross multiple channels
No errors
Make sure your distribution channels display your products with correct information
No time waste
Launch your products quicker on marketplaces and expand your catalog by saving time and resources

Let your team seamlessly work together

Streamline your product information management and improve your internal workflow. Give your entire team a better way of working, save valuable time and let your colleagues collaborate in enriching your products with compelling product descriptions.

Assign rights and permissions to your users
Improve your workflow with seamless users collaboration
Make sure your data is complete with the completion tab

Centralize & enrich your product information

Use KatanaPIM as the single source of truth for your product information and have a complete overview of your products. Find out what kind of information your products are missing and enrich your data with infinite attributes, images and channel-specific information.

Import your products easily with the automap feature
Enrich your product data with assets and attributes
Provide your products with compelling descriptions

Reach your clients wherever they are

Give your products rich descriptions & channel-required attributes for a complete & consistent product experience, no matter the channel your clients are shopping on. Start your international journey with multilingual product information & reach your customers all over the world.

Enrich your products with channel-specific information
Provide your products with multilingual descriptions
Distribute correct product data across multiple channels

Let your brand and products stand out

Nowadays, competition is increasing and it’s becoming difficult to differentiate your brand and products. Communicate your core values to your designed target audience through rich product descriptions and stories that are in line with your brand identity.

Jan-Willem de Muinck Keizer
Director & co-responsible for SUITSUIT's success

We now have one central place where all our product information is collected and defined as a "single source of truth". The product information in Katana is therefore leading at all times.

We help you reach your online success

KatanaPIM benefits all kinds of companies that want to manage their product information efficiently, no matter their size.


Easily collect all your suppliers' data in a centralized solution used as the single source of truth for all your product content.

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Go to market faster than your competitors
Let your teams collaborate seamlessly
Sell on multiple channels easily


Efficiently manage and enrich your product data, share consistent content on multiple sales channels and save valuable time.

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Manage product data easily for multiple sales channels
Enrich and share complete and consistent information
Manage information coming from different sources

Get control over your product information

See how KatanaPIM is assisting other companies in achieving their goals and growing their online presence.

Overcome your e-commerce challenges

Discover how proper product information management can solve the top 5 e-commerce challenges & help drive growth.


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Thomas Wolfert
Co-director for Polewolf

Before we had KatanaPIM,  we couldn't go live on certain marketplaces because we couldn't deliver proper content.

Mario Burazin
Business Development Manager, Galoha

The continuous further development gives us a good feeling. From day one, the Katana team is committed to making the way we do business easier.

Aster Schreuder Hes
Online Marketeer, Beagley Copperman

It's not only convenient for our customers but for us too, as we receive relevant data and interesting insights from team Katana that can help us grow our business.

Get your product information together and scale your business

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