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Reach customers on all platforms and grow your sales with streamlined product data management

Katana helps you build, organize and distribute product information across 90+ channels. Automate manual work, and grow your e-commerce brand!

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Your product information is scattered across hundreds of spreadsheets
You're wasting time & resources every time you launch a new sales channel
You are losing out on sales because of low-quality product information.

Katana helps your brand stand out from competition with rich, well-furbished product information

Sell your products on multiple platforms easily and manage all your data in one place.

Put a system to the chaos. Get all your product data together in one place

classifying and sorting products. Say goodbye to the hundred spreadsheets! Clean up your internal workflow and build rich product information within a single system.

Have a clear view on all your platforms, wholesalers, retailers and categories within the Katana dashboard. Update stock, refresh content and make bulk changes with half the effort!

Sell your products on over 90 channels, without wasting resources on manual work

Expand to multiple sales channels by automating data filling and cut down on the repetitive boring work. Katana gives you complete control over the products and prices on each platform, while entering in all the required fields for each channel for you. Grow your business with ease with Katana!

Build a consistent, trustworthy brand that people can identify instantly

Provide your customers with consistent, accurate product information and help them make the right buying decisions. Identify gaps in your data products go live. Help your customers find the right products with improved searchability using product tags and categories!

Make your brand instantly recognizable with high-quality product data across all sellers and platforms.

Scale your brand with faster product launches and up-to-date content

Refresh content across all channels simultaneously and beat the competition with quick and effortless product launches. Reduce time-to-market by getting rid of fragmented systems and data.

Collaborate with multiple wholesalers at the same time, without confusion and chaos. Spend less time on manual data entry and focus on what makes your business grow!

Are you outgrowing your current product information management systems?

Here's the truth: Mismanagement of data is fatal to growth. Your poor data management will divert you from achieving your goals and kill your plans of expansion.

A PIM helps you organize data so you can stay focussed on your strategy for success. We help you build good product information that your customers love and relate to!

Katana PIM helps you expand to multiple platforms and establish leadership with zero extra effort.

Or are you an established brand struggling with siloed product information?

You're worried migrating to a PIM could bring your business to standstill, and not work out for your size.

We understand. Our team is here to help you upload and organize all your data within Katana as fast as possible. We're here to assist you 24/7 — so that your internal workflow is streamlined and you don't waste your employees' time.

Katana is built to manage over 10 million products, with options to customize your dashboard to fit your needs.

Features that come with Katana

Import and export data with easy feed-mapping.

Upload your CSV, Excel and XML files to Katana with automated import. Have full control over the mappings, minus the heavy-lifting.

Get a bird's eye view of how different channels and products are performing.

Know how your products are doing, which products are running low on stock and which countries you should be focussing on with Katana's reports.

Decide who gets editing and viewing rights within Katana.

Let your workflow go uninterrupted with selective editing and viewing rights. Allow easy collaboration within your product team and make there are no accidental errors.

Synchronise your stock across all channels, automatically.

Don't let your sales channels be in silos. Get real-time stock levels, no matter how many platforms you sell on.

Classify products into categories and bulk-edit products.

Make it easy for your customers to find what they're looking for and launch seasonal promotions faster with categories based on attributes and specifications. Edit your products and media files in bulk and save time!

Manage product data for over 10 million products without trouble.

Katana helps you manage product data for as many as 10 to 10 million products. No matter what your data size, we're here for you.

Get up and running with Katana in a week.

Don't spend ages transferring your data into a PIM solution. Katana automates your imports, so you can get everything in one place without waiting weeks.

Keep your data 100% secure and safe.

We host all our data and platforms from our very own server park, based in the Netherlands—so your business is completely safe. Stay GDPR compliant and never risk a leak!

Manage all your product data in one place—at an affordable price.

Don't spend quarter of your monthly budget on managing product data. We've built Katana for growing businesses and think you deserve the best of PIMs at an affordable, easy-going rate.

Speak to your customers across the globe with auto-translations!

Katana allows you to automatically translate your product information into the regional language so that you can connect with your customers easily. Localise your brand and give your customers an amazing store experience.

Connect to over 90 marketplaces and channels at no extra cost.

Easily integrate with as many channels as you want with Katana. Expand your business and reach your customers where they are.

Get your product information together and scale your business

Get Katana PIM to manage and distribute your product data without the hassle.

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