October 20, 2021

Import data with our newest Feed Mapper, by automating the required workload

Import data with our newest Feed Mapper, by automating the required workload

Katana PIM is the ever developing product information management tool. Our desire to help our customer do the work as efficiently and as fast as possible leads us always to create new features and improvements

We know that a company must always deal with supplier files such as Excel, XML, and CSV files containing product data. Organizing all these sources of information becomes an absolute hassle, especially in the case of different suppliers and manufacturers. Are you tired of handling all these files that take you so much time and effort?

We got you covered!

We are proud to introduce the latest addition to our fabulous PIM tool, the new Feed Mapper that helps automate all data flow with no effort.

With the feed mapper, you can map all the product's attribute fields from the files to the PIM, and even better, the Automap upgrade will do it for you! With just one click, all fields will be automatically mapped and organized into Katana.

This new innovative feature will solve many organizational issues and save your team a lot of time. You will have customized product feeds adapted to the demands of the various sales channels. The new way of managing the data feed will reduce time-to-market, providing you with a single source of truth to handle all your product data, sending it simultaneously to all your sales channels.

If you are interested in knowing more about this and many other features, contact us or apply for a free demo!

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