November 12, 2021

Katana PIM joins PIMvendors' Round Table - Data Pools & Syndication

Katana PIM joins PIMvendors' Round Table - Data Pools & Syndication

Thursday the 18th of November, Katana PIM’s commercial manager Raoul
Straathof wil join Round Table by PIMVendors. At this online event, Raoul will give
his vision on the importance of centralized datapools.

In this omnichannel e-commerce world, onboarding can be a real problem and
turn in a proper headache. The Round Table by PIMVendor dives deaper into
some actual problem cases, some solutions and how the market has been
. Raoul will be there to give his vision on all the different subjects. You
can also ask him questions during the live Q&A, after the meeting is over.

Please mark November 18th 2021 in your agendas. You can register for the
Round Table by PIMVendors using the link below.

Data Pools & Product Info Syndication: an independent Round Table

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