Who benefits from using PIM?

Who benefits from using PIM?

PIM tools offer advantages for everyone on your team:

E-commerce Managers: Using a PIM tool can lead to increased conversions with up-to-date product data across all sales channels. It facilitates teamwork in crafting compelling product descriptions, which can help improve the online shopping experience.

Marketplace Managers: With a PIM tool, delivering consistent, channel-required product information across all marketplaces becomes easy. This helps enhance the consistency of product data and boost e-commerce sales.

Marketers: A PIM tool simplifies the creation of accurate and complete product descriptions. It acts as a single source of truth for complex product information, enabling faster product marketing and the creation of effective campaign and product content.

Sales Team: A PIM tool helps the sales team keep up with customer demands with faster time-to-market and attractive product information. It can help reduce return rates, boost customer trust, and increase brand loyalty.

IT Team: KatanaPIM can easily be integrated with the company's tools (ERPs, e-commerce platforms, CMS, WMS, and more), offering a robust and scalable IT infrastructure. It also provides greater data control and reduces manual work, improving the IT workflow.

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