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10XCREW, a trusted partner specializing in D2C strategy and execution, helps brands expand their online presence. From optimized brandshops and marketplace success to social commerce and CRM tactics, their expertise drives visibility, conversions, and customer engagement.

  • D2C strategy: mastering the direct-to-consumer approach.
  • Shopify: building and optimizing Shopify stores for maximum engagement and sales.
  • Marketplaces: expert navigation and operations on platforms like Amazon and
  • Social commerce: leveraging social media platforms to turn engagements into sales.

Leading experts in D2C strategy and execution

10XCREW stands at the forefront of the D2C strategy and execution, offering unparalleled expertise to brands aiming to amplify their online reach. With their presence, they have established themselves as leading strategists in enhancing a brand’s synergy across webshops, major marketplaces, and social commerce platforms. Their dedicated hybrid teams provide services ranging from strategy formulation to daily operations, all while developing essential technical integrations.

10XCREW's comprehensive service offering:

  • Brandshop strategy: The brandshop is central to 10XCREW’s D2C strategy. They take full command, from building Shopify-based online shops to optimizing traffic and conversion for established shops. Leveraging expertise in organic (SEO) and paid (SEA) strategies, they effectively channel traffic from platforms like Google and Facebook, ensuring optimal conversion rates.
  • Mastery over marketplaces: Marketplaces such as Amazon and serve as perfect conduits to tap into a vast consumer base. 10XCREW's specialists ensure success on these platforms by providing strategic planning, daily account operations, and precise demand forecasting. Their winning formula? A perfect blend of premium content, strategic advertising, and timely promotions.
  • Social Commerce expertise: Riding the wave of rapidly evolving social media platforms, 10XCREW crafts impeccable strategies to convert social engagements into tangible sales. By seamlessly integrating your brand across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok, they guarantee your offerings reach the right audience, converting awareness into sales.
  • Cutting-edge CRM tactics:10XCREW's unique ActivationBoxx service promises a holistic CRM approach, creating a harmonious balance between various D2C channels. The platform's campaigns directly engage customers across online and offline channels, enhancing customer insights, boosting sales, and establishing stronger brand-customer relationships.

10XCREW's four pillars of D2C success:

1. Infrastructure: A strong foundation is important. 10XCREW emphasizes a robust infrastructure, which ensures fast and reliable delivery, leveraging their own warehouse in harmony with FBA for top-selling products.

2. Assortment: Recognizing the unique demands of each channel, 10XCREW meticulously defines a product-market fit, ensuring every product resonates with its target audience.

3. Content: High-quality content is the cornerstone of effective D2C strategy. 10XCREW excels in crafting unmatched textual and visual content, be it titles, descriptions, images, or videos.

4. Ranking: A product's online visibility is instrumental for its success. By investing strategically in reviews, advertising, and promotions, 10XCREW guarantees maximized traffic and conversion, further boosting organic rankings.

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The Benefits of partnering with 10XCREW for KatanaPIM implementation:

  • Specialized expertise: Dive into the world of D2C with the knowledge and proficiency of 10XCREW. They bring a deep understanding of how to harmonize your brand’s presence across diverse platforms, ensuring you extract the maximum potential from KatanaPIM.
  • Tailored solutions: 10XCREW believes in customization. They diligently understand your unique brand requirements, offering solutions that resonate with your business goals.
  • Global reach: With their intricate strategies and execution, 10XCREW ensures your brand resonates with millions of consumers across the globe, through webshops, marketplaces, and social commerce channels.

When KatanaPIM's robust PIM tool collaborates with the D2C expertise of 10XCREW, brands are empowered with an unmatched combination, promising an increased online reach and impressive sales performance.


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