KatanaPIM x OrderChief

Software integration specialists realized the connection between KatanaPIM and OrderChief. Let your ERP and sales channels communicate easily and market your products with complete and updated information!

All your sales channels connected to your ERP with one link

OrderChief integrates and automates your entire order process, from order to invoice. All you need to do is handle your orders in your ERP, while OrderChief automatically communicates the changes to all your sales channels; from their portal, you will have complete control of your sales processes.

Within your ERP you can store useful data such as product prices and stock levels, but not multimedia files, attributes, and detailed product descriptions: here is where a PIM tool comes in handy. By retrieving the product data stored in your ERP, KatanaPIM is the middleware solution that centralizes all your content into a user-friendly platform and lets you enrich, translate & get your data ready to be shared on all your sales channels. 

The cool part? With OrderChief all these processes are automated and all you have to do is watching your business grow!

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The middleware solution to share updated content on all channels

KatanaPIM is the tool between your ERP and sales channels, that gives your business great benefits 

Centralization & synchronization

Retrieve your data from your ERP, enrich your product data & share updated content on all channels

Optimized product content

Enrich your products with multilingual descriptions, multimedia files and channel-specific data

Enhanced team productivity

Organize your internal workflow with user rights and permissions & give your team an easy way of working

Improved customer experience

Share consistent & accurate information through all sales channels, with correct pricing and updated stock levels

Automated workflow

Save precious time with automated processes and start growing and scaling your business

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Specialists in links and integration


Specialists in links and integration

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Enables collaboration between teams by unifying technology & workflows.

Get your product information together and scale your business

Get KatanaPIM to manage and distribute your product data without the hassle.

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