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Discover how Alumio revolutionizes digital commerce with its low-code iPaaS. Seamlessly integrate multiple systems and data for efficient commerce ecosystem management and real-time data exchange.


Alumio: bridging digital gaps

Based in The Netherlands, Alumio is a pioneering software company offering a cloud-native, low-code integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS).

This platform streamlines the integration of diverse systems, cloud applications, and data sources through a user-friendly interface, eliminating the need for custom coding.

Alumio centralizes integrations and data in one secure cloud environment, enhancing the development, management, and synchronization of commerce ecosystems. This eliminates data silos and enables real-time data exchange.

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The benefits of Alumio-KatanaPIM partnership

With Alumio's robust capabilities, integrating KatanaPIM with various systems like e-commerce platforms, ERPs, CRMs, and marketplaces becomes seamless, ensuring efficient data sharing and synchronization across your organization's departments and systems.

Alumio is your gateway to unlocking the full potential of KatanaPIM through fast, flexible, and effective integrations.

Alumio and KatanaPIM: streamlining ecommerce with innovative integration

Explore how this transformative partnership streamlines ecommerce integration, simplifies data management, and enhances digital commerce efficiency.

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Built to scale and accelerate your digital commerce business.


Built to scale and accelerate your digital commerce business.

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