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Discover the partnership between KatanaPIM and Neortus, offering seamless onboarding, tailored digital commerce solutions, and enhanced digital shelf performance.

  • Commerce strategy: Developing long-term strategies that drive digital growth, enhance customer engagement, and ensure business success in the digital landscape.
  • Webshop implementation & replatforming: Building and implementing high-performance e-commerce platforms that deliver unique shopping experiences and convert visitors into customers​.
  • Digital shelf management: Optimizing product content for visibility and engagement across all sales channels, managing PIM selection and implementation.
  • Marketplaces and conversion rate optimization: Assisting brands in establishing a presence on major marketplaces to reach wider audiences and boost sales while implementing strategies to turn visitors into buyers.

Enhancing digital commerce together

Neortus is a digital commerce boutique agency specializing in commerce strategy, webshop implementation, re-platforming, and digital shelf optimization. Focused on medium and large enterprises, Neortus helps companies streamline their digital operations, ensuring optimal visibility and conversion on digital shelves. Their expertise spans content optimization and conversion optimization, providing a comprehensive approach to digital commerce from strategy to execution. Operating from Amsterdam and Mexico City, Neortus serves clients across Europe and the Americas.

About the partnership 

This collaboration brings together Neortus's extensive expertise in digital commerce strategy, webshop implementation, re-platforming, and digital shelf optimization with KatanaPIM’s advanced product information management solutions. 

Neortus's ability to operate seamlessly across various markets, including Europe and South America, means they can provide their services in Dutch, English and Spanish. Neortus will manage the implementation of KatanaPIM, ensuring seamless integration and tailored solutions that fit each client's unique needs. This allows businesses to focus on their core operations while Neortus handles the technical setup and optimization of their product information management systems.

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Benefits of the partnership

  • Seamless onboarding: Neortus will manage the onboarding of KatanaPIM for clients, ensuring a smooth and efficient integration process. Their expertise in handling complex digital commerce solutions guarantees that your PIM system will be up and running without any hassle, allowing you to focus on your core business.
  • Tailored solutions: Combining Neortus’s deep understanding of digital commerce strategies with KatanaPIM’s product information management system allows for highly customized solutions. This ensures that your specific business needs are met, from strategy development to implementation and optimization.
  • Enhanced digital shelf performance: Leveraging Neortus’s expertise in content and conversion optimization, combined with KatanaPIM’s capabilities, ensures that your product information is optimized for better visibility and higher conversion rates. This approach enhances your overall digital shelf performance, leading to improved business outcomes.

KatanaPIM & Neortus: enhancing digital commerce together

Discover the new partnership between KatanaPIM and Neortus, combining advanced product information management with expert digital commerce strategies to enhance market presence and drive business success.

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