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KatanaPIM & xCore

Unlock seamless ecommerce and accounting integration with xCore: your gateway to efficient Exact Online software connections.


Ready-to-use, customizable solutions for webshops, marketplaces, PIM systems, and more.

xCore offers a comprehensive solution for streamlining ecommerce integrations, making it a central hub for managing connections between online stores and Exact Online ERP software. It provides API-optimized apps ready for immediate use, ensuring smooth integration with key ecommerce platforms such as Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, and Shopware. This compatibility facilitates uninterrupted operation with Exact Online, enhancing the efficiency of ecommerce activities.

The platform simplifies marketplace integrations, offering straightforward connections with platforms like and Amazon. For businesses looking to improve their product information management processes, xCore supports integrations with PIM systems including KatanaPIM.

In addition to streamlining online store operations, xCore addresses fulfillment needs, catering to both in-house logistics and partnerships with external fulfillment providers. For businesses operating in the B2B sector, they offer dedicated integrations for platforms like Adobe Commerce and WooCommerce, delivering all-encompassing solutions for B2B commerce.

Another standout features of xCore is its support for Payment Service Providers (PSP) integrations. The platform offers a variety of reconciliation modules, which are designed to automate the process of matching payments received through PSPs to open items in the Exact accounting system. This functionality spans across multiple PSPs, including Mollie, Adyen, PayPal, Pay, and more.

By focusing on enhancing and simplifying ecommerce integrations, xCore is committed to saving time and resources for businesses across various sizes, maintaining a knowledgeable and efficient approach to ecommerce connectivity.

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The partnership between KatanaPIM and xCore focuses on enhancing ecommerce and product management through:

  1. Efficient product management: combines KatanaPIM's capabilities in managing detailed product information with xCore's strength in e-commerce integrations, ensuring product data is accurate and consistent across all platforms.
  2. Broad ecommerce integration: enables easy connection to a wide range of ecommerce platforms, marketplaces, and accounting software, streamlining operations for businesses operating in both B2B and B2C sectors.
  3. Automation and time savings: automates critical processes such as transactions and data synchronization, reducing manual efforts and freeing up resources for strategic activities.
  4. Customizable solutions: offers tailored integration solutions to meet unique business requirements, enhancing flexibility and scalability for growing ecommerce operations.


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