September 1, 2021

3 advantages of a PIM tool for Shopify users

3 advantages of a PIM tool for Shopify users

We all know that the pandemic has changed the way people shop, perhaps forever. Businesses have had to adapt to this change to survive by improving their webshop, developing integrations, investing in third-party apps, or even starting from scratch. With this migration to online, many e-commerce platforms and website builders have found success; for example, Shopify, which increased sales by 97%!
Shopify is convenient and helpful in starting a webshop from scratch, giving you the proper foundation and not having to think about it yourself. However, as we have seen, the competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and having a webshop is no longer enough. You have to adapt to changes and keep up with competitors, starting to sell on marketplaces. It is a step forward, but it also implies some difficulties. For example, to maintain consistency of product information across all channels. Talking about data is often seen as boring. And product information means data. But with this evolution of e-commerce, it has turned into a fundamental marketing strategy in which fantastic and accurate product information attracts customers. The catchier, the better.
Many benefits come from combining a PIM solution and Shopify.
Here is some of them.

1. Centralized product information

Increasing the number of products in the catalog makes it no easier for one person to keep up with all these data. Accurate information influences conversions and sales, so it is essential to keep them updated and consistent and to do this, being able to do it in one place helps a lot in terms of time and stress. Searching and editing information becomes faster, and working with the team becomes easier and more efficient.

2. Complex content management and automation

If your files are scattered on excel, CSV, or so on, it isn't easy to enter complex information on Shopify; you have to do it manually. With a PIM tool, you can organize and distribute information with infinite attributes and specifications, add images and videos, and relate products for upselling and cross-selling. The import and distribution of data will be easy and automated, making the work much faster and less burdensome.

3. More customers reach & more sales

With Katana, you can perform on multichannel markets. With the multilingual function, you can enter product data in all the languages ​​you want to sell abroad and scale your business. Also, by combining PIM with SEO, you will reach even more customers, getting a better ranking through keywords on search engines.

There are many more benefits coming from using PIM and Shopify together. Discover them with us!

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