November 19, 2021

3 tips to boost your e-commerce during (and after) Black Friday

3 tips to boost your e-commerce during (and after) Black Friday

The week of the famous Black Friday has begun! Much awaited by shoppers, yet often feared by sellers.

We can say that we are almost in the middle of the holiday shopping season. Black Friday and the following Cyber Monday are just a few days away. Many have already started to put their products on sale.

How to best survive this hectic shopping time and get the best from it also for future sales?

Reduce returns through detailed information

As noted, the reasons for returns vary, and we cannot completely stop this from happening. A customer often buys different products to compare them and give back the ones he doesn't like or is simply no longer interested in the purchase he made previously. But it happens a lot, that the customer is not satisfied with the product because it is not what he was expecting: during an online purchase, the customer cannot touch a product with his hand. The best way to reduce the risk in this field is to have the product information as updated and accurate as possible, with relative specific attributes, descriptions and images.

Have a proper & ready website

Having an intuitive and clear website is always a plus for attracting new customers. Black Friday discounts can, in fact, be a helpful business card for your webshop since, easy to say, customers who come across a cool site are more likely to come back to make future purchases. And here is a way to retain old customers and acquire new ones. So make the most of the discounts of these weeks to have more conversions in the future too!

Improve your customer service

In hectic times like these, in which communication with the customer is often lacking, it is essential to focus part of the attention on customer service. Preparing for questions and complaints and being ready to answer and show that you are willing to communicate substantially impacts the customer, who feels he is being listened to. Giving personal attention to each customer as much as possible is a powerful way to establish brand identity and show a strong online presence, even in this era of contactless relations.

To summarize, Black Friday and, in general, this shopping period is an occasion to sell more and give importance to things often left behind, such as customer care and communication. Good foundations such as a prompt website and automation tools that help focus on the most critical aspects of a business are valuable and necessary strategies for improving an online business.

Happy Black Friday week to everyone, shoppers & sellers!

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