August 4, 2021

Beagley Copperman - A success story

Beagley Copperman - A success story

Today we’d proudly like to share with you the success story of one of our clients, Beagley Copperman. Their slogan goes like this: "Making the authentic Asian kitchen available for everyone."
In fact, this company is a leading importer of Asian products in Europe: from Chinese noodles to Japanese green tea, from professional wok pans to colorful traditional chopsticks.
Born in 2008 from a small attic, it is now a large company that boasts more than 2300 SKUs, distributed in more than 30 countries. And it’s constantly growing. By working with the best Asian cuisine brands and manufacturers, Beagley Copperman supplies European wholesalers, supermarkets, shops and retailers with oriental cuisine products with quick orders and fast delivery
Due to their fast growth, it soon became difficult to manage a lot of products and clients, but being a young and experienced team, they have been able to better deal with the recent boom in e-commerce:

"We are always following the latest trends and know online is the future. This is why we chose Katana to manage our product information. We are one of the first companies in our industry that has an easy-to-use online ordering system with all the product information in place. Thanks to this, our customers have no trouble finding the products they are looking for and are able to order with ease."

Having implemented Katana within the organization, the Beagley Copperman team can edit and enhance the information of their many products with just a few clicks, saving time to add new ones. The recent addition of complete ingredient lists for each product, for example, allows their customers to find what they need more easily.

"[...] it's not only convenient for our customers but for us too, as we receive relevant data and interesting insights from team Katana that can help us grow our business."

Aster Schreuder Hes, Online Marketeer at Beagley Copperman

As a team, we are proud to help Beagley Copperman satisfy its customers and help the company improve the business with streamlined workflow and effective product information management.

...and this is only the beginning!

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