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OOSC Clothing
Customer STORY

Driving growth: OOSC's strategic approach to product data management & market expansion

Discover OOSC's inspiring story as they tackle challenges and plan for future success. Explore their strategic plans to implement innovative tools to optimize operations, streamline product data management, and unlock global expansion opportunities.


OOSC: Redefining sportswear with style and sustainability

OOSC is a dynamic and innovative sportswear company operating in the highly competitive sportswear industry, based in the UK. With a focus on delivering high-quality products, OOSC has gained a reputation for its stylish designs and commitment to sustainability. Their product range includes swimwear, skiwear, and other performance-driven sportswear, catering to active individuals seeking both functionality and fashion-forward designs.

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Streamlining content management
The Challenge

Streamlining content management

Like many companies growing and scaling by selling online on multiple channels, OOSC faced the challenge of efficiently managing and centralizing their product content. With an expanding product catalog and the need to cater to multiple channels, including online marketplaces and their own e-commerce platform, OOSC struggled with maintaining consistency and accuracy in their product information. Manual content management processes resulted in errors, delays, and inefficiencies, threatening their ability to scale and meet the demands of their customers.

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KatanaPIM and ChannelEngine integration
The Solution

KatanaPIM and ChannelEngine integration

To address their content management challenges, OOSC implemented KatanaPIM, the centralized platform for managing product data, including descriptions, translations, images, and specifications. With KatanaPIM, OOSC aims to streamline their content creation and maintenance processes, ensuring consistent and up-to-date information across all channels.

As part of their optimization strategy, OOSC plans to integrate KatanaPIM with ChannelEngine, the all-in-one e-commerce integration platform. This integration will enable OOSC to synchronize their product data seamlessly with various online marketplaces, including collaborations with Macy's and Shopify. By automating the product data synchronization process, OOSC will save valuable time and resources, eliminating the need for manual uploads and ensuring their products are accurately represented across all sales channels.

Expansion and optimization
Plans for the future

Expansion and optimization

Looking ahead, OOSC has ambitious plans for growth and optimization. They are on the verge of launching their collection on Macy's, the major retail platform in the USA, and are excited about the potential market opportunities this partnership presents. Additionally, OOSC aims to expand their presence in other international markets by targeting renowned retailers like Zalando in Germany & The Bay in Canada.

To support their expansion plans, OOSC is committed to refining their internal processes and maximizing the potential of the KatanaPIM and ChannelEngine integration. They are working towards leveraging the multilingual capabilities of the platforms,enabling seamless product localization and adaptation for different regions. Furthermore, OOSC is eager to explore the advanced features of KatanaPIM, such as product variants management, to enhance their product offerings and improve customer experience.

We are really excited at centralising all of our product data and thrilled to be using Katana PIM for this. This has enabled us to become more much more efficient from an operational / product standpoint and maximise our selling potential across multiple marketplaces globally. We feel Katana and their excellent team are the right partner in supporting us in the next phase of our growth.
Nick Marsden | Co-Founder and Director at OOSC

With a strong focus on seasonality and staying attuned to market demands, OOSC aims to solidify their position in the sportswear industry as a leading provider of high-performance and eco-friendly athletic apparel. By leveraging the power of innovative solutions like KatanaPIM and ChannelEngine, OOSC is poised to achieve their business objectives while delivering exceptional value to their customers.

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