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Customer STORY

Immediate growth across multiple channels thanks to product information’s centralization

Polewolf has been a KatanaPIM user for some time now. After having encountered great success with the sale through different channels, the client soon faced challenges regarding product information management.


A Dutch B2C wholesaler which sells luxury chairs at affordable prices

Their sales are focused exclusively on marketplaces such as, FonQ Netherlands, FonQ Belgium, VidaXL, HomeDeco, Kaufland, Naduvi, and soon Amazon. Their product information is shared on these channels in three different languages, English, Dutch and German.

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With their success on marketplaces, the difficulties of managing product information also grow
The Challenge

With their success on marketplaces, the difficulties of managing product information also grow

After founding the startup about two years ago with a simple and essential website, they soon found notable success with selling on marketplaces, which led to some problems with the organization and management of product information.

"We soon found out that things were going well, but that one of the most important things is product information. To manage that for 6 to 8 marketplaces without a good central overview point is actually impossible."

Thomas Wolfert, co-director at Polewolf

Without centralized product data management, they had to manage the product info for all channels separately due to the different requirements that each sales channel requires.

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Overcoming the difficulties imposed by marketplaces with a single source of truth
The Solution

Overcoming the difficulties imposed by marketplaces with a single source of truth

As Polewolf was running so fast and so well, they had to find a quick solution to have a single source of truth for all the product information to avoid stopping due to obstacles established by marketplaces. When a business grows fast, you have to run with it and make sure that everything is well organized before risking to stumble.

"Before we had KatanaPIM, keeping track of everything was a real problem. For example, we couldn't go live on certain German marketplaces because of missing content. We couldn't deliver it properly. "

Thomas Wolfert, co-director at Polewolf

The implementation of KatanaPIM has made possible the rapid growth of Polewolf, and the sale on more and more marketplaces, with complete and updated content.

"After all, you don't want to miss out on sales because your content is not complete, and you can't publish certain products."

Thomas Wolfert, co-director at Polewolf

Choosing a PIM was easy for them: a significant point for the owners of Polewolf was that KatanaPIM had a lot of experience with the home & living sector, thus giving them the security of the knowledge of the industry. Other fundamental requirements were the competitive price, the user-friendly platform and the continuous development of new features.

Last but not least, they have also chosen for direct connection with their ERP, Exact Online and with ChannelEngine, their marketplace connector, Katana's partner. The seamless connection with them allows information to be shared quickly and without errors. It ensures that their product data is always correct and up-to-date on all online marketplaces. The result? Significant reduction in time to market, no slowdowns due to manual errors and an optimal product experience for their customers.

Growing the customers reach and the team
Plans for the future

Growing the customers reach and the team

Given the rapid growth, Polewolf has big plans for the future, including selling on other marketplaces and in multiple languages to reach customers in other parts of Europe. And, of course, the company's growth will go hand in hand with the growth of the team. As far as product information is concerned, the plan for the future will be to entrust the task to a specific person, who only takes care of enriching and completing all the data. This is possible thanks to the PIM status feature, which allows the team to assign roles and tasks quickly and intuitively, leading to an organized and efficient internal workflow.

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