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TipPoint Trading
Customer STORY

Streamlined success: KatanaPIM empowers TipPoint trading in the automotive industry

Discover how KatanaPIM transformed TipPoint Trading, a leading B2B wholesaler in the Dutch automotive industry, by streamlining data management, reducing return rates, and accelerating time-to-market. Explore their journey towards enhanced productivity and future growth.


The B2B wholesaler and importer of car parts and accessories

TipPoint Trading, is a prominent player in the Dutch automotive industry. Located in Gelderland, they have established themselves as a leading reseller, offering over 20 thousand unique products to resellers and professionals across the Netherlands. Their extensive product range is available through their own webshop as well as the Obelink Marketplace.

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Streamlining data management and reducing return rates
The Challenge

Streamlining data management and reducing return rates

TipPoint Trading, as an importer and wholesaler, faced significant challenges in managing a large volume of data files and returns. With numerous suppliers, the team had to handle a multitude of Excel and CSV files. The primary obstacle was ensuring accurate and tailored information delivery to their diverse customer base:

Before having a PIM tool we faced some challenges: we handle 20k unique products, so a big amount; what was very difficult is that our customers have their own sales channels, so, for instance, one of them wants all the information in a JSON, another one wants everything in excel, another client wants to get only certain categories of products.

Martijn Leenen | interim e-commerce manager at TipPoint Trading

In addition, TipPoint Trading encountered difficulties in maintaining updated stock levels, leading to a high return rate caused by incorrect information:

When a product was inactive or out of stock, the item remained available on our platform so we sold many products that we didn’t have. This was also very difficult to handle, and time-consuming.

Martijn Leenen | interim e-commerce manager at TipPoint Trading

Managing the variety of data files and meeting customer-specific demands while ensuring accurate inventory information posed significant challenges for TipPoint Trading.

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Efficient integration and streamlined collaboration for improved productivity
The Solution

Efficient integration and streamlined collaboration for improved productivity

To address their data management challenges, TipPoint Trading was looking for a SaaS solution and discovered the ideal fit in KatanaPIM. Leveraging the expertise of integration specialists Semso, the PIM software was seamlessly connected to the client's ERP system, Exact Online, resulting in significant improvements.

The integration with KatanaPIM brought immediate benefits, as Martijn explains:

Our purchase manager creates products into Exact and in 10 minutes they are automatically imported into KatanaPIM. From here our marketer adds all the information, images, and digital assets. From there, our marketer adds all the necessary information, images, and digital assets. Within 24 hours, the products are available across all channels. Previously, integrating new products took us three months. I can definitely say that the time to market is way faster now!

Martijn Leenen | interim e-commerce manager at TipPoint Trading

When dealing with a large number of products with different attributes, it is very easy for information to be shared incorrectly to retailers. Here too, TipPoint Trading has managed to minimize the problem of returns thanks to KatanaPIM:

We used to experience a high number of returns due to incorrect information on our resellers' websites. We had to contact our customers to make the necessary changes. Now, we make the updates in KatanaPIM, and within 24 hours, the information is automatically synchronized on our clients' websites.

Martijn Leenen | interim e-commerce manager at TipPoint Trading

Effective team collaboration is another key aspect enhanced by KatanaPIM, as Martijn highlights:

We have a photo studio where we take our products’ pictures. I connected the software of the photo studio to my FTP, so when our photographer takes a picture, it goes automatically to KatanaPIM’s FTP. Previously, this process took 20 minutes per picture, but now it's only 10 minutes for three photos. The overall workflow has improved, making it faster and more efficient for everyone in the company!

Martijn Leenen | interim e-commerce manager at TipPoint Trading

By integrating internal processes, improving data accuracy, and facilitating seamless collaboration, KatanaPIM has empowered TipPoint Trading to achieve greater productivity and address critical challenges in their operations.

Seizing growth opportunities with time-saving solutions
Plans for the future

Seizing growth opportunities with time-saving solutions

With a robust infrastructure in place and seamless software integration, TipPoint Trading is now able to redirect valuable time and resources towards advancing their business. 

Looking ahead, TipPoint Trading envisions expanding their online presence by establishing additional online shops, leveraging the newfound ease of connecting multiple channels. The stability of KatanaPIM's software has left a positive impression on Martijn and the team:

In the future, we would like to build more online shops because it's very easy to connect multiple channels now. The software is very stable and the support is great. It's really nice to work with KatanaPIM.

Martijn Leenen | interim e-commerce manager at TipPoint Trading

With the advantage of efficient time-saving solutions and the trustworthy partnership of KatanaPIM, TipPoint Trading is well-positioned to boost their business expansion and seize emerging opportunities within the market.

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