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J2S designs and develops custom-made solutions to streamline your publishing processes.

J2S: just simple solutions

The French software editor company operates worldwide with Simple Workspace, its SaaS solution, used by companies for their publishing needs.

Simple Workspace supports the aggregation of various content sources (PIM, MDM, CMS, DAM, Excel), to lay out the information with Adobe InDesign Server and export it to, PDF, Excel (and other formats), using automated collaborative processes.

From design to implementation, J2S offers simple-to-use, efficient software solutions for the production of your publications, magazines, directories, guidebooks, timetables, catalogs, industrial labels, and all printed or digital media with data input, page layout, and proofreading.

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J2S, our latest partnership

Print catalogues are still an effective tool to increase sales. J2S was created in 1999 to design and develop software that simplifies and automates publishing processes.

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Simple Workspace

Simple Workspace

Software that simplifies & automates publishing processes.

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