February 19, 2021

Isendu, our new partner

Isendu is our new partner on the Italian market, a logistic player with enormous potential.

They define themselves as a "human-centred" technological ecosystem since they care about their customers' growth and development. They support their clients and help to create dedicated strategies, including packaging, branding and marketing. As a SaaS solution, they offer an automated process that automates and manages shipments. Just like Katana PIM, they offer a flexible and scalable solution! This will help eCommerce companies grow without having boundaries of what the solution can offer. A combination between Isendu and Katana PIM gives Brands, Wholesalers and Retailers the possibility to scale and grow Internationally.

Therefore, we believe that this is a logical and smart partnership that will bring our companies and customers many advantages and growth.

Katana is the perfect partner for the management and integration of all product information. Working with them is not only ideal from the point of view of the service's quality, but also stimulating for Isendu's creativity and internal innovation. They are an intelligent group that tells a story very similar to ours, made up of great ideas that have developed their enormous potential.

Lando Barbagli, CEO at Isendu

We are thrilled to partner with them and looking forward to a successful and fruitful partnership!

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