How to have fewer returns and more satisfied customers
July 9, 2021

Having a solid foundation is needed to keep pace with these challenging times. How can a PIM solution help in this?

What to Put in Your Product Information
July 6, 2021

Competition in e-commerce is getting greater. This is why you must take the necessary steps to stand out and have your products noticed.

The role of a PIM solution in the ever-changing e-commerce world
June 24, 2021

Now more than ever, companies need to have solid foundations to face the rapid growth of e-commerce. Katana PIM can help with this challenge.

De Eekhoorn Dutch Furniture
June 16, 2021

A new addition to our portfolio: 40 years of expertise in design, production and distribution of unique furniture products.

Forever Direct chooses Katana PIM
June 11, 2021

The regional distributor of Forever Living Products starts managing its product information with Katana PIM.

Homeij is our newest client.
June 9, 2021

Sellers of well-known branded knives and accessories in the Benelux and beyond.

New partnership with MerchantSpring
June 1, 2021

One tool to monitor multiple marketplaces, combining world-class analytics technology with e-commerce expertise.

Miva, our new partner
May 26, 2021

Miva is our newest partner from the United States, a Saas e-commerce platform.

200° Fahrenheit, our newest client.
May 4, 2021

"Outdoor cooking, it’s our passion. Cooking outside and working with the best products."

Wesual, our newest partner
April 9, 2021

Wesual is a team of experienced photographers and editors

Webprepare, new partnership!
March 30, 2021

Our new partner is a team of experts in creating professional websites and webshops for the business market.

New partnership with Hellotax
March 16, 2021

The shield that protects you from VAT-related issues.

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