With a single powerful integration, ChannelEngine connects your systems to international marketplaces and sales channels

ChannelEngine: sell more with marketplaces

ChannelEngine connects stores, brands, and distributors to the biggest marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay,, Walmart, and so on. Selling on marketplaces is a great way to find new customers, showcase your products abroad, and grow your online business with an omnichannel strategy.

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Sell more on marketplaces with the KatanaPIM & ChannelEngine connection

Sharing complete & consistent information to give your clients the best shopping experience can be a real hassle, mostly when selling on multiple marketplaces. Discover the benefits of connecting KatanaPIM with your channel integrator.

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Fully integrate your business with international marketplaces.

Get your product information together and scale your business

Get KatanaPIM to manage and distribute your product data without the hassle.

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