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The partnership that offers streamlined GS1 standard compliance and enhanced product information management for increased accuracy, efficiency, and market reach.


Streamlining GS1 compliance and enhancing data accuracy for suppliers and manufacturers.

Qmica is an innovative tool that specializes in the seamless integration and normalization of product data according to GS1 standards, ensuring that suppliers and retailers can effortlessly manage and update their product listings. With an automated link to the GS1 data pool, Qmica is a perfect fit for suppliers in various industries, particularly those in DIY, Garden & Pet, and tools sectors. It is designed to help businesses manage large catalogs of products, where keeping track of every little change can be challenging. 

Key features:

  • Data normalization and conversion: Qmica effortlessly handles the conversion of product values to meet the GS1 standards, such as transforming number formats and standardizing color designations. This reduces repetitive manual entry and minimizes errors.
  • GS1 data model maintenance: The GS1 data model regularly undergoes changes, such as attribute updates or modifications in mandatory requirements. Qmica tracks these changes and automatically applies them to your product data, saving significant time and effort.
  • Automated data publication: Once your product data is validated and ready, Qmica allows for easy publication to targeted markets or specific retailers, streamlining the process of making your products available to consumers.
  • Central management of mappings: Qmica's dashboard offers a centralized overview, showing which products need adjustments whenever standards change, thus maintaining consistent and correct product data across all channels.
  • API integration: Integrate Qmica seamlessly with your existing PIM platform to enhance functionality and data flow.
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The benefits of this partnership

The partnership between KatanaPIM and Qmica brings together two powerful solutions that streamline product information management, enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of data handling for suppliers and retailers. Here are some key benefits of this collaboration:

  • Improved data accuracy: This partnership guarantees product information accuracy and consistency, reducing errors and enhancing brand integrity across all sales channels.
  • Efficient workflow: By integrating Qmica’s GS1 compliance capabilities with KatanaPIM, the partnership simplifies the management of product data, from normalization to publication, speeding up time-to-market.
  • Reduced operational costs: Automation of routine data updates and compliance tasks cuts down manual efforts, allowing teams to focus on strategic growth initiatives instead of time-consuming data management.
  • Expanded market access: Compliance with strict marketplace and retail standards through Qmica enhances market reach, making it easier to enter new platforms and expand market presence.
  • Scalable solutions: As businesses grow, the combined power of KatanaPIM and Qmica effortlessly handles increasing volumes and complexities of product data, supporting scalability without performance loss.
  • Enhanced ROI: Accurate and reliable product listings minimize returns and increase consumer trust, directly improving the return on investment for users of both platforms.
  • Future-ready: Staying ahead of industry changes, the partnership ensures that product data management systems are compliant with the latest standards and technological advancements, safeguarding future operations.

Assisting suppliers & manufacturers with enhanced data accuracy: our partnership with Qmica

Learn how the new partnership between KatanaPIM and Qmica enhances GS1 standard compliance and streamlines product data management, boosting efficiency and market reach for suppliers and retailers.

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