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Sense Cloud

Sense Cloud started with a goal to solve common problems in handling business information, especially when it comes to integrating different systems with Exact Globe and keeping an up-to-date flow of data.


Making business data management easier and more efficient

By creating applications that help businesses work smarter in the cloud, Sense Cloud introduced Clickker, a solution designed to tackle the challenges of managing and integrating business data. This versatile solution is designed for Exact Globe users looking to link their Exact data with cloud solutions or web applications. Clickker stands out for its user-friendly interface that automates tasks, updates data in real-time, and keeps information secure. It fits into business operations smoothly, making it easier to scale up, maintain, and ensure that data is consistent and standardized.

KatanaPIM and Sense Cloud: a powerful partnership

The partnership between KatanaPIM and Sense Cloud is all about bringing together two innovative platformsand synchronizing the data satored in the ERP and all the other business tools. With KatanaPIM and Sense Cloud's Clickker, businesses can enjoy a more streamlined, secure, and efficient way of managing their product data. This collaboration is about making complex tasks simpler and helping businesses grow in the ecommerce world.

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Key benefits of the Sense Cloud - KatanaPIM partnership:

  • Real-time data integration: Clickker’s advanced API ensures seamless and real-time data integration, enhancing the efficiency of product information management.
  • Scalable and flexible solutions: This partnership offers scalable and flexible solutions that adapt to the growing and changing needs of businesses, supporting expansion and diversification.
  • Streamlined operational efficiency: The integration of Clickker with KatanaPIM streamlines operational processes, reducing manual labor and minimizing errors, improving overall productivity.




Connecting Exact with your systems.


Connecting Exact with your systems.

Get your product information together and scale your business

Get KatanaPIM to manage and distribute your product data without the hassle.