Discover how Synetic, as KatanaPIM's trusted service partner, propels brands into their digital future, crafting impeccable digital landscapes tailored for success.

  • Custom software development: building robust, scalable cloud software tailored to specific business needs.
  • Ecommerce solutions: enhancing Shopware platforms with advanced technologies like Symfony, Vue.js, and Drupal.
  • Marketing automation: implementing systems that deliver targeted content at optimal times to maximize user engagement.
  • Drupal development: offering deep expertise in customizing, standardizing, and deploying Drupal environments.

Synetic: Planet of digital pioneers

Synetic is a team of digital explorers dedicated to pioneering future-ready solutions. From their foundation in 2004, their journey in technological innovation has been remarkable. Specializing in various realms, from custom software to leveraging platforms like Shopware for e-commerce, they work with tools such as Symfony, Vue.js, and Drupal. Their mission? Turning digital aspirations into tangible, functional realities that redefine user engagement in the vast digital landscape.

Elevating digital experiences

Synetic isn't just about creating platforms; it's about crafting experiences. Their services, ranging from Enterprise Resource Planning to Web Personalization, focus on delivering cohesive and tailored user experiences across all channels. Every solution is strategically designed to provide immense value, enhancing user engagement, and driving measurable outcomes. With Synetic, businesses don't just adapt to the digital age; they thrive in it.

Their mission extends to offer:

Custom cloud software: robust, reliable, and tailored for your business.
Web personalization:
catering to every visitor uniquely.
Marketing automation:
delivering the right content, just at the perfect moment.
Drupal expertise:
specializing in customization, standardization, and commerce environments.

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The benefits of partnering with Synetic to implement KatanaPIM:

  1. Seamless integration: As masters in custom software, Synetic ensures a flawless integration of KatanaPIM into your existing digital framework.
  2. Tailored solutions: With a deep understanding of diverse industries, Synetic crafts strategies that make the most out of KatanaPIM's capabilities.
  3. Future-proofing: Synetic guarantees your KatanaPIM setup is prepared for the digital challenges of tomorrow.
  4. End-to-end support: From the initial setup to ongoing optimization, Synetic's team stands by your side, ensuring your KatanaPIM experience is unparalleled.
  5. Enhanced customer experience: Synetic ensures all your product information via KatanaPIM is presented in a way that resonates deeply with your audience, across all channels.


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