August 27, 2021

3 reasons to have a Single Source of Truth for your product data

3 reasons to have a Single Source of Truth for your product data

With the growth of a business, keeping information and data always correct and updated becomes difficult, especially when they are not properly organized, mainly when it comes to e-commerce. SSOT, single source of truth, is when a company puts all of its data in one place. When it comes to product information, companies often work with excel sheets, CSV files, ERP, etc. In this way, information is scattered everywhere, and if something is changed or deleted, it is often not updated correctly on all channels. The main reasons for having a SSOT for product information can be summarized like this:

1. Structured data 

A PIM solution acts as a single source of truth for product information. It guarantees the ability to edit and structure the data within a single platform, with specifications, attributes, images, related products, prices, and so on. Everything is managed within the PIM, and manual errors are significantly reduced.

2. Improved internal workflow 

Having an SSOT for data is beneficial for the internal organization. It is a way to allow the whole team, collaborators or customers to access specific data homogeneously. It allows marketing, sales, and teams to collaborate and work efficiently on a single platform. Katana PIM, our solution, enables a company to assign rights and permissions to its users and organize the internal workflow, increasing the productivity of collaborators and saving stress and valuable time.

3. Happy customers

Having all the data in one unique place allows sharing consistent and updated data on webshops and marketplaces. Rich and accurate information helps customers understand what they are buying, knowing in advance what to expect from the purchased product. This undoubtedly leads to a better customer experience, fewer returns and great reviews...undoubtedly an advantage for an online business!

In the end, it comes down to doing more with less effort. By centralising your product data in Katana PIM, you make sure that your company is scalable and ready for the next step. Growth by standing out to your competitors, by delivering the ultimate online experience, is the way of the future.

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