October 6, 2021

How to sell more during this holiday shopping season

How to sell more during this holiday shopping season

There are less than two months left till Black Friday, the day that officially opens the doors to the shopping season, but - believe it or not, - the shopping season has already begun.

Research shows that this year many shoppers, with fears of delivery delays, inaccurate stock data, return issues and other problems related to the large influx of demand and lack of preparation of websites and sellers, will start buying earlier than usual this year. It is expected that the early holiday online shoppers will directly rely on marketplaces such as Amazon or shop directly through search engines. With the pandemic and the consequent rapid growth of e-commerce, companies have had to adapt. Build new websites, start selling on marketplaces, rely on third-party apps for shipments and all integrations, ERPs, CRMs, PIM software. 2020 and 2021 were years full of innovations and challenges for companies, especially SMEs, which saw a great success or a failure. This depended on their ability and speed to adapt to new trends, develop compelling marketing strategies, retain customers and acquire new ones.

As we have seen, customers rely on search engines and marketplaces for their shopping, so multichannel and search engine optimization are no longer options to survive in the market. But selling more can be a double-edged sword.

A sales boom can be seen as a great success, often leading the company to notice some issues. More sales mean more customers; having more customers implies the need to focus on customer relations; customers abroad mean that the products will have to be shipped in other nations, relying on different couriers; selling more also means receiving more returns; selling from multiple platforms means having to be consistent everywhere.

Integrations with 3rd party apps and automating internal organization processes are very efficient solutions for these problems. A PIM tool is the best solution for improving a business by growing the catalogue or expanding on multiple sales channels. It helps to maintain consistent and accurate product information across all sales channels, and even in multiple languages, to communicate to clients in a more personal and transparent way, in the local language. It also helps with SEO, allowing a company’s team to work on more accurate and optimized keywords, meta titles and meta descriptions to stand among competitors in search engines, directly reaching the customer looking for that particular product.

This is why managing product information and various suppliers correctly leads to an organized workflow and improves a business efficiently and quickly.

Do not hesitate and start learning how our PIM solution can help you sell more and in less time during this shopping season!

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