June 24, 2021

The role of a PIM solution in the ever-changing e-commerce world

The role of a PIM solution in the ever-changing e-commerce world

The new e-commerce landscape

In recent years, the evolution of trade and the demands of consumers have led to significant growth of e-commerce, which increased even more by the pandemic. The need for contactless purchases included for the first time also essential goods. The use of digital platforms and marketplaces has increased more and more in the last year, consequently leading to an unprecedented saturation of the market. Large and small companies have had to adapt to sell online and meet demand, and this has led to many difficulties, especially for those who have had to start online selling from scratch. For large companies that already owned online stores, new problems arose, such as reaching customers on different sales channels or managing inventory, suppliers and returns. To emerge and keep pace in these times, companies need to have a solid internal organization, starting from the basics. And here we come to talk about the importance of product information management

Implementing a PIM solution

Many companies store product information on excel sheets or files scattered everywhere, which might work... up to a certain point. The rapid evolution of e-commerce we have talked about leads company management to reach ever faster rhythms. Without a solid foundation, the risk of being left behind is around the corner. Managing product information within a PIM solution can solve many difficulties within an organization, making it possible to import, edit and store data in one place, communicating with suppliers, inventory, and online stores from one unique platform. A PIM solution assures companies a consistent and accurate creation, management, and sharing of product information, giving them the possibility to increase sales on multiple channels and reach customers worldwide with a multilingual solution. Moreover, implementing PIM software helps to avoid errors and to save a lot of time that companies can use to focus on other aspects of their business, such as inserting new products on their catalog for cross- and up-selling, improving marketing efforts, and so on.

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