December 28, 2022

Why you should consider integrating PIM with your Adobe Commerce platform

Why you should consider integrating PIM with your Adobe Commerce platform

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Why you should consider integrating PIM with your Adobe Commerce platform

Are you struggling to effectively manage your product information across multiple stores and sales channels? Learn how to simplify your product data management and provide a top-notch customer experience with streamlined product information.

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Your clients are looking for optimized product content

Nowadays, it's getting increasingly difficult to generate a flawless shopping experience outside your own webshop.

As an Adobe Commerce (or Magento) user, you likely have a large number of SKUs, numerous files from various sources, and numerous attributes and assets to manage. Without a centralized solution to manage this information, it can be difficult to maintain complete and up-to-date product information across all of your sales channels, potentially leading to lost sales and disorganization. A Product Information Management (PIM) solution can help you centralize and easily manage your product data to improve efficiency and customer experience.

Limitations of Adobe Commerce (Magento)’s PIM functionalities

Adobe Commerce (Magento) is a popular e-commerce platform that has built-in support for product information management. However, there are some limitations to the PIM capabilities of Adobe Commerce (Magento) that users should be aware of:

  • Limits on scalability: Magento's PIM capabilities might be not enough for organizations with a large number of products and complex data needs.
  • Limits on customization: the PIM functionality of Magento is limited, and users may not have the ability to fully customize their product data management process.
  • Lack of advanced features: Magento's PIM capabilities are basic and may not include advanced features such as data governance, data quality management, and product lifecycle management.
  • Limited user experience: Magento PIM interface can be difficult to use and may not provide a smooth user experience, making it challenging for the team members to collaborate in creating product content.

These limitations may make it necessary for businesses using Magento to consider using third-party PIM solutions in order to fully meet their product data management needs.

What is PIM?

A PIM solution is the single source of truth for all your product data, also known as the best solution to streamline your product content. It helps you centralize, organize, enrich and distribute your product information across all your sales channels, reducing your time-to-market, and enhancing your team’s productivity and your internal workflow.

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How does the integration between e-commerce platform and PIM work?

The integration with PIM and your e-commerce platform provides a seamless experience for customers and ensures that the correct product information is displayed on your webshop(s), but also across all your other channels (marketplaces, partners, etc.). Here's how the integration between KatanaPIM and Adobe Commerce (Magento) works:

Product data is entered, collected and enriched into the PIM system. The API is used to automatically retrieve the product information from the PIM system and displays it on your website. The PIM system can also be integrated with other systems, such as ERPs, CRMs, WMS (and more) to ensure that product information is consistent across all channels.

Overall, the integration between PIM and e-commerce platforms helps to streamline the process of managing and displaying product information and ensures that customers have access to accurate and up-to-date information during their online purchases.

Discover how KatanaPIM combined with Magento can boost your business!

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The benefits of integrating PIM and Adobe Commerce (Magento)

By integrating KatanaPIM and your Adobe Commerce (Magento) shop, you automate and simplify your (and your team's) way of working with great advantages:

Centralization & synchronization

KatanaPIM allows you to centralize and import all of your product data from various sources. From within KatanaPIM, your team can easily organize, edit, and complete product information, and then share it with your Magento stores, resellers, marketplaces, and other channels in real time with minimal effort.


Maintaining consistency across all channels is essential for building brand recognition and maintaining a strong brand identity. By ensuring that the same product information is displayed across all channels, you can ensure that your customers have access to complete and accurate data about your products no matter where they encounter your brand. This helps to create a reliable shopping and brand experience for your customers.

Fast product launches

KatanaPIM offers easy and automated importing features, allowing you to quickly gather all of your product information with just a few clicks. Within the platform, you can easily edit and enhance the information by adding images and using pre-filled attribute groups. This allows you to efficiently prepare and launch your products in record time.

Improved customer experience

Did you know that incomplete or incorrect product information can lead to a high rate of returns (up to 30%!)? With KatanaPIM, you can ensure that all of your product content meets your customers' needs and expectations. By providing accurate and complete information for each of your products, you can reduce the risk of returns and provide a better shopping experience for your customers.

Enhanced team productivity

KatanaPIM can help you streamline your internal workflow and facilitate collaboration among your team members as they create compelling product descriptions. By assigning rights, permissions, and tasks to all PIM users, you can increase your team's productivity and elevate the quality of your product information.

Start scaling up your business

If you are using Magento or considering a migration to it, a Product Information Management solution can help simplify your infrastructure and streamline your workflow. By using a PIM, you can easily expand your online business, improve internal processes, and provide an exceptional experience for your customers. Discover how KatanaPIM can help you achieve these goals.

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